A very handsome latino man

Hi, I'm Alex

I'm a Microsoft Certified IT Technician That's Passionate About Cloud Technology

Alex Hernandez • El Fuerte • Tajin Tirano • Sun God • The Passionate One • Fluorescent Soul • Yavin 4 Luchador • Sabritones Savior • Sultan of Suero • Mr. "I Enjoyed Thor 1" • Admiral Azure • The Cloud Kingpin • Hi-C Hercules • El Vato Loco • First Day of School Anxiety • Silver Surfer Superfan • Mr. "I Did Not Enjoy Thor 2" • Alejandro • PS4-to-PC • Time Travel Tyrant • The Pretty Decent Cook • Nvidia RTX 47 • Alex [Redacted] Hernandez • Future Trunks Fanatic
Azure Projects
  • This website!
  • Honeypot
  • LAMP Stack Website
  • Maintain identities in Azure AD
  • Communicate future IT plans to other departments
  • Efficiently troubleshoot IT issues

About Me

I was born on February 3, 2000 in The Woodlands, Texas.

Some celebrities who have birthdays on February 3 include: Sean Kingston, Daddy Yankee, Andre Ellington, and Isla Fisher.

My favorite superheroes are the Silver Surfer, Daredevil, and Batman (in that order).

My favorite food is an Italian Sub.

I played many sports growing up, like football, track, cross country, boxing, baseball, and wrestling. These days I tend to just lift weights, but I plan on getting back into wrestling/grappling sports.

Contact Me

It's best to contact me through LinkedIn

I promise I respond fast!

Read About How I Created This Website!

I cannot keep up with all the requests I've gotten for a blog post on how I made this website (I've been asked over 2 times!), so please feel free to read about my experience making my web portfolio.

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